Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is to that....Analogies!

We have had a LOT of testing this week!   Anyone else use c-scope?   They should have named it Test-Scope.   The ideas are pretty sound,  I just wish there was not so much testing.   Our district is working on that - and our new district math leader person has made a lot of progress in that area (have I mentioned I LOVE her?),  but right now,  we still have a lot of tests.   But we are managing to have some fun this week.

We have been having a blast making analogies.  We are using my analogy packet.   I honestly think this is my favorite product I have ever put on Teachers Pay Teachers.   My kids DIG it.

Today we played I Have,  Who Has - analogy style - which is part of my packet.   It took longer than a lot of other games but they were so thrilled when they got it.   It was fun to watch their thinking happen.   As with most exciting learning,  it was not quiet. 

After we played,  I gave each child half of a sentence strip and had them create their own bridge map analogy of ANYTHING they wanted.   We are studying animals and their characteristics and it was obvious when it came to their analogies.  I also loved how many of them chose a math analogy.    Most of them did a fabulous job with this.  

My super smarties love analogies so much they even found a website game to practice.   I find them on here all the time!

Hope your day was great! 

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