Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Testing days....

stink!  I don't even give the test - but still,  I hate them.   Two days with NO break all day.  Our whole purpose is to make ourselves and our kids invisible for two days.  We were asked to stay off the internet to protect bandwidth for the high school students who were testing - so no streaming,  no games,  no Google - that was so difficult for my little techies! And our weather has been awful - so indoor recess on top of it.  I don't mean to be a whiner,  it was a million times worse for the teachers giving the test,   but I am praising the Lord we have specials tomorrow and lunch in the cafeteria and a regular schedule! 

Our day wasn't much to write about - although we did write some cute couplet poems.  But I wanted to share this cute little picture of Eve - the hedgehog.  I am babysitting her while her family has their floors redone.   She got a bath tonight - and loved it!

Knowing tomorrow will be a better day!

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  1. Ok, I have to know- what is Eve in? What is she like "size wise"? I have only seen baby ones in pictures- so I am trying to picture how big she is. can you hold her? Does she "cuddle?

    Glad your testing is over! They are sending us on field trips to get us OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!

  2. I wish we were on field trips this week! We have lots more testing this year - we are just done for the week... but I am so glad to be finished too!

    Eve is actually in our bathtub - LOL! She is about the size of a softball when rolled up about seven inches long. She barely weighs a thing. She does NOT cuddle -some people claim that theirs do. She at best tolerates me. She will let me pet her but puts her prickles up when the kids are around. She also bites. She has not bit me, but her real mom says she does. I took her to class for a couple of weeks - but she is not really a good classroom pet. She is nocturnal and does not do well if the temperature dips. Her cage is huge and she mostly hides. She is adorable, and I do love to watch her when she does get up and plays - but definitely not a sweet, cuddly little sweetie (like I wish).