Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ladybugs Everywhere!

This week we are discussing insects and their life cycles.   I decided to hit it a little different this year.   I decided to REALLY focus on one insect (the ladybug) and then use it to compare and contrast other insects.   So far,  I am loving it.

I bought this cute little kit from Amazon (click to pic to see it on Amazon).  It came with a coupon for free ladybug larvae ($5.00 shipping).   I ordered it early last week and received everything by Tuesday of this week.    I received about 15 larvae in a little tube and they were all alive and in good shape (I was worried that half of the would be dead).   I didn't tell my kids what I had, and asked them to draw pictures of "baby ladybugs".   They were really cute. 

I also had them write down all their schema about ladybugs on the other side of the paper.  

Finally I pulled out the little tube of larvae and showed them what a "baby ladybug" really looks like.   They were amazed!   I gave pairs of students clear plastic cups,  "entomologist sticks" (wooden craft sticks) and a couple larvae.   They used magnifying glasses to look at them and talk about what they saw.

They adjusted their drawings to reflect their new schema...


We plopped the larvae into our little habitat...

Then we made a schema chart...

And asked some BURNING QUESTIONS...
Tomorrow students will pick a partner to work with,  choose a question or group of questions and do some searching for answers.   They are able to create powerpoints,  or video interview each other and present to the class.
I also created this little ditty to go with the unit.   It is simple and straightforward.  It is a little mini-book that will help let me know who is getting it and who isn't.  You can go pick it up for $1.50 here.

I am working on some other ladybug activities but I am kind of building it as I go.  I am having my kids lead me this time around!
Happy Thursday Y'all!

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