Saturday, April 13, 2013

Do you know Dojo???

My fabulous and amazing friend Jennifer introduced me to my new favorite classroom thing -   Do you know about this?   OMWord - if you don't.... you need to.   I love this.   It is an digital behavior management system, that ROCKS.   It takes away the need for color changes and folder signing etc.   And it is totally easy, and totally free.

You just go to the website , create a class (which is super easy to do) and get the students their "secret codes".   The students will log in creating their own user name and password (I just had them use their lunch numbers for both) and they can create their own little avatar. 

Once they are all logged on the first time you will have a class screen that looks a little like this....(with a lot more kids and fewer famous ones).
And you are literally ready to GO!

The website has some generic behaviors listed as positive,  "on task",  "working hard",  etc.   and a few negatives,  "off task", "not prepared", etc.   But you can very easily click - edit class- and add any behavior you would like.   I added hallway behavior,  showing kindness and compassion,  neat desk,  did not put computer away, tattling, etc.  

Then you just click on the name of a student,  and the list of behaviors will pop up.   Just tap the one that they are exhibiting and it will add a point for good behavior and take away a point for poor behavior.  
And each time you do this,   your computer will ding for a positive behavior and sort of groan for a negative behavior (if you have your speakers on).   You can display the screen,  or not - it's up to you.   I liked not having it displayed because then the kids did not know who it was,  so they were on alert.   It was honestly the best I have ever seen them behave because they wanted POINTS.
The super awesome thing about this is that there is a free app for iPhones, iPads,  Android phones and tablets.   I downloaded it on my tablet,  my computer and my phone.   That was I can easily use it from anywhere in my room, the hall,  the cafeteria, recess, etc. - just tap, tap, tap...
My students kept going back to check their points all day because they each have a computer,  but there is no need to do this at all.   They each can view a report each day or each week showing them exactly what their behavior was like.

They can see where they got points taken off and where they excelled .   Then they can write and reflect on what they want to be able to do the next week.   These reports can be run off or emailed to parents right from the site by simply clicking "share with parents".
Then you can decide what you want to do with these points.   I am thinking of just having them trade them in for our school currency, Mustang Money, on Fridays,  but others have created currency systems and certificates specific to Class Dojo.   The avatars are adorable - so they can be used to create a classroom bulletin board or award center as well.  I am thinking of  karate color belts for each level of points.  
I love this so much.   Especially in a time of RTI - when we are looking for very specific data.   It is very easy to simply print out a behavior sheet each day or each week for specific students to show how behavior interventions are working.   You can very easily add any specific behavior you are working on with a student to the mix and only record it for the student who is needing it.   I love the parent communication bit as well.   But mostly I love this because my students LOVE it and it is motivating and encouraging for them - plus so much easier to use than any other system I have ever tried.  What could be better??? 
I hope you will give it a try and let me know what you think!

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  1. I just introduced this to my kids this last week. They love it!

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