Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sale on Everything in my TpT store!

No one labors harder than teachers - so I am throwing a Labor day sale on everything in my store to show a little love for all the hard work teachers do!

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Hooked Them! Project based learning - day one!

Today we launched our first day of PBL.   We have been working all summer on lessons to use with our second graders.   We decided to jump right in and start with our citizenship unit.    Our students will be researching what being an exemplary citizen means,  what they do,  what they DON'T do,  and comparing their role in the community to the role of a superhero.   They will be creating a digital presentation that includes some well known exemplary citizens, and highlights what they find to be the most important.    We had planned to have them present it to the student body at our school during a campus pep rally.  We backed our town mayor into a corner at convocation gently asked our town mayor to launch the project.

He very graciously accepted and joined us this morning at 8:00 (on his vacation none the less - the man is awesome).  Our kids were over the moon.   We practiced giving a respectable handshake,  making eye contact and greeting a guest.   Our kids dressed up (one lil man wore a suit and tie - be still my heart!). I think he might have been a little creeped out when he asked the kids what they knew about being the mayor and they answered things like,  "you have four kids",  "your wife's name is Amy",  "you used to live....".   What can I say, our kids did their research!  LOL!  He launched our project by explaining that he needed help teaching people about exemplary citizens and needed their help.   He even invited them to present their findings to the town council at city hall.   OMWord - they are so excited!   Our principal was awesome about it and said we would get them there.   I am so excited.   So tomorrow we begin researching and making plans.   I am really anxious to see what they come up with.   Let the journey begin!


 Our challenge brief:

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today was sooo hot!

I am like mono tired right now.   It was sooo hot here today,  it wore me out.   I was on recess duty and bus duty and my face skin is so burnt and tight it feels like it is going to pop ( I did have sunscreen on).   So gross.    As I was looking at my pictures, I came across this little gem from one of cuties from last year,  and I think it wrapped up today nicely...

Well of course you will... you will sweat a lot. 
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And it's only Tuesday....

I truly believe that "first week tired" is like no other type of tired!  My new class is fabulous.   I have a TINY class - like I have 14 students.   I am crossing my fingers and toes that we don't have to collapse a class.  Time will tell.   Right now we would be over ratio if we collapse (we only have 3 monolingual teachers on our team).   The idea of having this small group is super exciting.  

We started out yesterday with "The Marshmallow Challenge" -   I was amazed at how well they communicated with each other and by what they came up with.   The winning tower stood on it's own,  holding the weight of the marshmallow for over 30 seconds.   They were so proud!

We also all successfully logged into our netbooks.   We have new LONG usernames and passwords.   Last year we all logged in using a common school log-in and now each student has their own account.   It was not an easy task,  but they all did it.  We also all managed to log in to for the first time.    We did some team building, and some rule setting.   Then came the most stressful part of any first day of school - THE DISMISSAL.  Thank God they all got where they were supposed to be!   I call that a successful first day!  

My daughter started a new daycare this week as well.   We have always had daycare at our campus - which was ideal. About 3 weeks ago we received a call that it was shut down.  We had less than a week to find new daycare. I have been heartbroken over it.   BUT God was ALL over this and we found the best possible option for our girl.   Here is the PROOF!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tickled Pink to offer this GIVEAWAY!

Have you seen this???   The best pencil sharpener EVER is now in PINK!   Whaaaa?   For real.   So cute!  I have been checking out some classroom pics today and this would be PERFECT for some of those classrooms.   Of course,  they still offer blue, and green and black and red too.  

Have you tried this sharpener yet?  If not,  it's time. I have always used budget money or my own money to buy electric pencil sharpeners for my room.   But they drove me CRAZY.   They sound like helicopters taking off, overheat easily, only sharpen certain pencils, and as soon as your first little friend decides to try to sharpen the wrong end of the pencil... it's time to buy another.  Troy,  the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies,  is a teacher, so he got this.  And he did something about it!   He created this sharpener - .   It is quiet,  easy to maintain,  and ideal for kids to use.   I recommend it to anyone looking for a better option.   Troy is also a big fan of teachers,  so he generously offered a pencil for this giveaway!   You can choose any color you like! 

Good Luck!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

We have a winner!

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Happy, Happy, Happy!

I am so in love with this set I bought from adorable Marcy at Saddle Up for Second Grade.   It is soooo stinking cute!   You have to get this if you are in love with Duck Dynasty, like I am.   It includes ELAR and Math workstations that are ready to go for the beginning of second grade.   I have these all cut out and ready for Monday.  I bought a LOT of awesome things from the TPT back to school sale,  but this one is my FAVORITE for sure!  OMGoodness - I can't believe it is already here!  

You can get your own Welcome Back Jack set right here.
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Have you joined my giveaway?   It ends TONIGHT!   Don't miss your chance to win some teacher treats!   You don't want to miss out!   You could win:

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finally have my classroom mostly together!

OMGoodness!  Seriously.... I wish we could kind of ease back into the year.   This week has whooped my arse!  One more day.  Met my new class today and they are so stinking cute!   Right now I only have 15 - how awesome would that be?   I have NEVER had a class that small.    I am hoping there is not a massive reorganizing or something.   Fifteen would be amazing... anything under 22 would be!

Linking up with Tales of a First Grade Teacher to share what my classroom looks like so far!  I am exhausted but here a few shots of my "almost ready" classroom.   Right now there are still a few cabinets that could avalanche at any time,  but most of it is organized.   Hoping to finish up tomorrow!
Classroom Motto! 

Love this fabric!   Exactly what I was looking for - how often does that happen?
Our computer cart and tech wall... yes,  it really is crooked,  I will fix it,  just was rushing around to get ready for Meet the Teacher night!

 Our lone window.   My lil plant buddy is looking sad,  hoping he perks back up now that he is back at school.   Those pool noodles are giant tens and ones manipulatives!

My attempt at a chair makeover - it needs to be pulled a little tighter - but I like it!
Set up for the kids to come in!   My fingers were sore from tying all those balloons!  But it was so worth it - they were so excited!
Our meeting area - reading area.
WBT rules and our owl pillows.
Our bulletin boards and focus walls - ready for a focus!   I use the same border and backing on all my boards.   I learned this from "the sisters"(daily five ladies) years ago and I don't think I will ever go back.  It helps me focus on what is on the walls.
Word wall,  group area 
Math Manipulatives all out for the kids to use as needed.   This is new for me.  I have always just taken out what we are using at the time,  but through lots of in-service this summer,  I learned that kids should be encouraged to use any tool that helps them and have access to them at all times.   I sort of envision finding them everywhere - but hopefully we will establish really strong routines from day one!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

TPT Big Back to School Sale - 8/18- 8/19

It's coming! The big Back to School Sale starts Sunday!   Everything in my store will be 28% off!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flash Freebie - PBL!

I have posted my first real PBL unit on TPT and I am kind of nervous.   I would love some FEEDBACK, so I am putting it up as a flash freebie until midnight tonight!   Please go check it out and leave me some feedback!

Thank you !
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ahhhhhh-Melia Earhart!

I decided to try and write my first project based learning unit for TPT on Amelia Earhart.   It turned out to be such a huge task.   I had a hard time deciding how to edit my ideas... oy!   My mind went in a million directions... but I finally think I did it.   Please check it out!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I need a few readers!

I have been working on this little Amelia Earhart unit for-EVAH.   I have never written a Project Based Learning Unit for TPT before and I am trying to get used to the format.     I need a few people to please give it a look and tell me what you think...

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you would be willing!  


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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Treats for the Teacher Giveaway!!!!

This time of year we could all use some TREATS! I am SOOOOO excited to be able to offer this fabulous giveaway with the help of my amazing friend Jennifer Franks!   She is not only a teacher,  mother of three, wife, daughter, sister, and fabulous friend - she is also a Ambassador at the up and coming company Ocean Ave.  and a Scentsy Consultant.   She is one busy cookie!  She is offering a free full size jar of the amazing Two Minute Miracle Exfoliation Gel - a $50 value and $25 Gift Card to her Scentsy store!   Watch the video below to see what the Two Minute Miracle can do!   It is AHHHH-Mazing~! 
I am adding in a custom made owl pillow for your home or classroom.   I will make it with your classroom or home colors.   I am also including your choice of any three items from my TPT store. 

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