Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And it's only Tuesday....

I truly believe that "first week tired" is like no other type of tired!  My new class is fabulous.   I have a TINY class - like I have 14 students.   I am crossing my fingers and toes that we don't have to collapse a class.  Time will tell.   Right now we would be over ratio if we collapse (we only have 3 monolingual teachers on our team).   The idea of having this small group is super exciting.  

We started out yesterday with "The Marshmallow Challenge" - www.themarshmallowchallenge.com.   I was amazed at how well they communicated with each other and by what they came up with.   The winning tower stood on it's own,  holding the weight of the marshmallow for over 30 seconds.   They were so proud!

We also all successfully logged into our netbooks.   We have new LONG usernames and passwords.   Last year we all logged in using a common school log-in and now each student has their own account.   It was not an easy task,  but they all did it.  We also all managed to log in to Edmodo.com for the first time.    We did some team building, and some rule setting.   Then came the most stressful part of any first day of school - THE DISMISSAL.  Thank God they all got where they were supposed to be!   I call that a successful first day!  

My daughter started a new daycare this week as well.   We have always had daycare at our campus - which was ideal. About 3 weeks ago we received a call that it was shut down.  We had less than a week to find new daycare. I have been heartbroken over it.   BUT God was ALL over this and we found the best possible option for our girl.   Here is the PROOF!

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