Friday, April 5, 2013

Five For Friday

The best thing I can say about this week is that it is over!   I hate to say that,  but it was just not that great.   The highlight was the Loof Lirpa (see Pranks and Poetry post below).   Other than that,  it was all about being QUIET for testing,  and then yesterday I had to leave school because the stomach bug came a-calling for me...OMGoodness.   That was awful.   I was better by about midnight,  but every muscle in my body hurts from getting sick so violently.   I feel like I have been hit by a car.  

But here is some randomness from my week....first up, my son Grant coloring.   This might not seem like big shakes to you,  but my sweet boy does not like to sit still and do anything.  We are trying out some new diet restrictions and some new homeopathic medications and we are seeing some new things with him - makes me very happy!

Next is my little girl - Eden, in her new Smockadot dress.   I love it.   You can't tell,  but it has her intials on it.   I got it for a steal on their deal of the day on Facebook.   I love a deal!  She was so cute in it,  she kept twirling around.   After 3 sons,  it is so much fun to have a daughter!  She brings a sense of balance to our family that was definitely missing before she came along.  
April is Poetry Month.   My teammate Jill and I decided to challenge ourselves and make the kids write at least one poem a day for the entire month.   We wrote some hilarious couplets, and then poems about the Loof Lirpa,  about Hermit Crabs (we had two visiting),  parakeets (I took my birds to school this week - we are studying animals),  and today we ended our Freckle Juice Unit with a BioPoem about Andrew Marcus.   I loved this!   They did such a great job.   I changed up the template we usually use a little to make it work.  
I was a little sad to finish our Freckle Juice Unit.   The kids had so much fun.  They are now begging to go to the library and check out Judy Blume books.   Next week we will move on to Amy Lemons', The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo unit.   I know they will love that too!   Today we finished up by doing my cover art graphing activity and creating our own cover art.
This afternoon we made Amy Lemons fraction pizzas!   It was really fun and made it very clear to me who understands fractions and who still needs a lot of work! 

I can NOT wait to go to sleep tonight.   Once my little peeps are tucked in, this tired mommy is out!
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  1. Hi! We just found your blog through the link up and are your newest followers!

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  2. Cute pictures. Love the name Eden.

  3. I hope you feel better soon!Your fraction pizzas look great!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers