Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Magical Product Swap!

I feel so bad that I am so late posting this,  I was out all day and just got home!   Saw the worst movie ever - even Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling couldn't pull it out of the toilet, but that is a story for another time. 

I participated in Jessica Stanford's Magical Product Swap for the first time.  I love this idea so much!  I got SO LUCKY to be paired up with the Amazing Heather Ward at Simple in Second.    She and her friend Juli share a blog and both post interesting and fun lessons and ideas and really great pictures of everything they do!  I am jealous that they get to work and blog together.   I think having both of their perspectives makes their blog very unique and fun.  Go check them out and follow them!

I was thrilled to visit her store and get to pick out anything .    She has some really great products and several awesome cricket freebies which I snatched up!  

I picked her Pirate Authors Purpose Game.  and I am so glad I did!   It is so great!  She used really adorable clipart and her product was full of great color and very well made.   Our color printer did not do it justice because there is something very wrong with our red ink and it all comes out sort of yellow.  

The product includes three great posters explaining the reasons authors write - to persuade,  to inform and to entertain.    I made copies of these to hang in my room and another set to include in the game,  as a reminder for the kids while they were playing.  

The game itself is very well thought out,  and really fun.   Heather wrote really great cards full of interesting facts - like Blackbeard really lost his leg because of diabetes,  but other pirates wore peg legs as a fashion choice.   She wrote a cute letter from Sam the Pirate begging a judge to be let free,  and there are several cute jokes.   My kids were crazy about those.  They told them to me,  until they realized I knew them all and then they told them to the other classes at recess!  The kids found all her cards interesting to read and honestly, so did I.   I learned a lot just from reading them,  she really did her pirate research! She also included an answer key so that the students can check themselves when they get finished.

I had a cute little pirate tin that I am storing the game in,  and it has been the first thing off the shelf all week.   My kids LOVE it,  and I LOVE that they are getting some deep and real practice with such an important skill.   I very highly recommend you go and pick up a copy of this great game and get your class practicing too! 
I can't wait to try the other products that she has listed!   She even has another pirate activity that I have in my cart!  My kids are pirate crazy right now!

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