Friday, April 12, 2013


Happy Friday Everyone!   We had an amazingly fun week!  It went so fast.   We have had so much fun working on fractions and The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo.    Here are so photos from our week.   First,   we were blessed to become the new family of this sweet little guy - Patches!  He belonged to a sweet friend of mine that is moving - so she asked us if we would be his new family.   We were thrilled.   I have never had or even touched a guinea pig before this little guy.   He is so stinking sweet and cuddly.   He is a GREAT classroom pet.   Just so no one thinks I am crazy... the hedgehog was just a visitor (who has returned to his real family) - we are NOT crazy pet collectors!

April being Poetry month, we used Patches as our subject and wrote LOTS of poems about him - cinquain, acrostic, and just plain silly.   Here are a couple of cute ones!

We have been having a blast reading Judy Blume books.   My kids have cleared the whole Judy Blume section out of the library - I think they all chose at least one book.   This week we have focused on The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo.  We have been using Amy Lemons unit - which is fabulous.   The kids LOVED this story.  I only have 11 copies of this book - so we used it as a partner read unit.   They took turns reading to Patches.   He seemed to enjoy the story too!

This is a picture of my birthday balloon a couple days ago -... my birthday was March 7th.   This thing has been hanging out up there for more than a month with no signs of coming down anytime soon!  How weird is that?   I have never seen a balloon hang on for so long.   Must have been some super helium!

This is my favorite picture of the week!   This little pup - Stuffy - was my best friend for my entire childhood.   He is missing his ears,  chewed off my childhood dog, Strudel.   His back is stitched up with green fishing line, from the time my sweet grandpa took him into his room on a silver tray to lovingly perform restuffing surgery on him.  He is stuffed with bitty Styrofoam balls, childhood wishes, dreams and tears.   Just looking at him can bring memories rushing back to me at warp speed.   My daughter Eden has recently discovered him and is in love.   I found him like this in her room this afternoon.   I sent up another thank you to God for sending me this baby girl!
Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. Heidi, thanks for stopping by my blog!! My Edy is also an Edyn!! So glad we found eachother :)

    The Cozy Classroom

  2. I love the spelling you used! I have never met another Eden or Edyn mom! I am glad to find you too!

  3. Awww! I had a guinea pig class pet a couple of years ago (Mozart), but before I went on maternity leave, I found a good home for him. :) He was a great class pet, and the kids loved him, but he was STINKY. lol!

    Yay for fellow TX 2nd Grade bloggers!!

    Teach On.

  4. Hi Heidi! I found your blog because you'd commented on my Equivalent Fraction Memory Game in TpT- I'm glad I did it's so cute!

    I love that little guinea pig! Seeing all these posts about little critters makes me want a class pet myself!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem