Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have you ever noticed....

that the best lessons aren't really lessons?    We finished our unit on fractions and probability this week and  took our test (and rocked it!) yesterday, so today I wanted to give my kids a day to review and practice all the skills that we have been learning all year long.  I pulled out a bunch of  envelope centers - including Amy Lemons Spring Math centers,  and the Versa-Tiles.   They could work on any center or activity or work on their computers on First in Math.  I gave them the choice of working with a partner or by themselves.   I was surprised at how many chose to work alone.

They were so excited not to have a specific assignment,  and got right to work.   I loved listening to them talking to each other about math - reminding each other about regrouping,  multiplying, geometry etc.   My little techies were busy teaching each other the games that they were learning on First in Math.  If you don't use this program, let me recommend it to the tenth power!  Everyone works at their own pace,  the games have tutorials built into them,  and they can go as far as they want to go.   I had one little man come up and ask me to please, please, please show him how to subtract fractions.   He had an idea of what to do,  but was a bit confused about finding the least common denominator.   He had almost worked it out, which I found amazing.   I gave him a little guidance and after practicing a couple of times with me,  he had it.  

Here are some pictures of our day. I loved that so much different math was happening at the same time!

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