Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Currently, and this is to that as that is to this...

It seems like only yesterday my dad was instructing me to store a lot of water in my garage because EVERTHING was going to shut down with Y2K.  LOL!  I love that we even had an ominous way to say it - Y2K... it seems amazing to me that was 13 year ago.    I was a new momma to a snuggly 3 week old baby boy.   Now I am a gray haired mom (when I don't color frequently enough) to a hormonal 13 year old boy and his three younger siblings.   Life is crazy fast.

Now that it is January it is time to share this month's currently... linked up with Farley at

Listening - I am very often listening to Elmo.   He is the current obsession of my 2 year old Eden.   I am super happy to be sitting on the couch listening to this,  instead of at work.  But there are a lot of other things I would prefer to be listening to.

Loving - that we don't go back until Monday (and that is even a work day - no students til Tuesday!)

Thinking - that if we ever came across someone like Mr. Noodle in real life I would warn my kids against him.  He is creepy.  I really don't like this segment of Elmo's World.  

Wanting - it is cold and cloudy and THE PERFECT day for a nap, but there is no chance in hell Grant is going to let me take advantage of this opportunity!

Needing -to take care of my hair problem.   These gray hairs are alarming.   It is shocking to see how fast they are taking over my head.   They are wirey and stick straight up.   It is a constant battle.   I hate that my hair is acting so old.   I don't feel that old....

OLW - One little word - Happy.   Even without a nap,  with new gray hairs popping by the minute,  and the constant annoyance of Mr. Noodle,  I am happy.   It is a choice and I chose it. 

I just posted a new analogy packet on TpT and I am super proud of it.   It took me FOR-EVAH to complete,  but I am really happy with it.   I have noticed that when my second graders start to understand analogies they start to make their own all the time... which is exactly what we want - kids making their own connections right?   Text to self, and text to text and text to world and self to world... well it all starts with being able to make connections - EXACTLY what analogies are.   I tried to include as many different types as I could for elementary aged kids.   It is an easy, intentional way to teach connections.   It can be used as a unit - or throughout the year in bits and pieces.   It is not connected to any one subject area - it can be used to show one type of analogy and be used in science and then later in math and later with a book.  I even made a I Have, Who Has challenge game to go with it.   Please go check it out.   As long as your kids are readers,  they can use this!  I will send a free copy to the first five people who comment on this post!

Hope you are all having the Happiest of Days to start this New Year!

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  1. Jealous that your not going back til Monday. Loving that I found your blog. I so love finding other 2nd grade teachers to follow. I am your newest follower.


  2. Congratulations on posting the new unit! Looks great. :)

  3. We awaited Y2K with stored up water, canned goods, and our first child -a three-month old daughter. And I agree, as much I loved Elmo for the kids, Mr. Noodle is a creeper.

    I love your one little word for the year. It's a good one.

    Tales from a Schoolyard

  4. I so remember having all of the canned goods and water stored up everywhere right before Y2K. It seemed like the whole world just stood still waiting for the world as we knew it to come to an end... and just think. Here we are!! Still kicking! LOL

    From Blood to Books!

  5. Have you seen the video, "I'm Elmo and I Know It?" It is hilarious!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  6. We are! Jess - can you email your email address ( so I can send you a copy of my Analogies packet!

  7. We watch I'm Elmo and I know it pretty regularly! I love it too!

  8. Your analogies packet looks great. I'm your newest follower. I love finding new second grade blogs. Hope you'll visit mine!
    Have a good back to school after break.

    Pitner's Potpourri

  9. Hi Heidi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question, yes, my district returned to school today, but I was home with the kiddos (daycare was closed); I spent part of my day, checking out your blog. I love it! I am excited to be your newest follower!


    P.S. I am so with you about Mr. Noodle. He always gave me the heebie-jeebies!

  10. I love your Analogies Packet! I purchased it for my class - I haven't taught analogies yet and this will be a great help ;) Your whole blog looks amazing!! My blog design is supposed to be updated by Friday - I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check out your blog again! I teach second at Oak Point Elementary in LE. It is so nice to know another blogger is so close!

  11. Hi Heidi,
    You just stopped by my blog and I am returning the visit. You have some good ideas for teaching analogies.
    Happy 2013