Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look who is coming to work with me this week!!!

Tomorrow I head back to work.   Thankfully, the district I work for seems to understand that I have been sitting around in my pajamas or sweats the whole break and am not going to be able to handle jumping back in,  so we have a work day tomorrow.   I really have done so little this break, it is alarming.  I promised friends I would hang out,  maybe even have a party at my house... I did nothing of the sort.  I just sat here, cuddled under my favorite blanket,  watching episode after episode of Duck Dynasty. If my four offspring had not forced me to get up and feed them on a regular basis,   I might have slept for two weeks straight.   I guess I needed the break.  

That said,  I am pretty excited about heading back tomorrow.   I love my team,  I love my school,  and frankly,  it is time for me to get dressed. AND... we are starting The Mitten this week.   I love The Mitten.   I mean,  I really, really love it.  I have been a Jan Brett stalker fan, for years and The Mitten is my favorite, favorite.   We will be using my The Mitten unit - and comparing Jan Brett's version to Alvin Tresselt's version.   I love comparing folktales and these two are just different enough to be really fun.  If you get a chance,  go check it out.

And... if you love Jan Brett like I do, you know she loves HEDGEHOGS.   She puts them in every book somewhere.  And lucky me,  it just so happens that my friend Susie had has a hedgehog that she is letting me keep forever and ever borrow for the week (Susie and I have had some odd conversations over the years,  so, "can I borrow your hedgehog", wasn't really that far of a stretch)! She is so cute.   She is pretty shy today,  so I didn't want to pick her up,  but oh my word!   I am so excited for my class to see her on Tuesday.   I am going to give them an assignment on Edmodo to Google hedgehogs and have them write down three interesting things about hedgehogs,  and when they are done I am going to surprise them with her!  I know,  I am a total geek.   But I don't care!  Is it weird I have an urge to dress her up in little Scandinavian clothes and a hat?   Don't answer that...I promise I won't really do it.

Happy Week Peeps!
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  1. Heidi, I love Jan Brett too! I will be sure to stop in and see your visitor this week! See you soon!

  2. She is so cute! Wait til you see her! I am in love.

  3. Hello Heidi,

    You left a post on my blog in November. Sorry that I'm just now getting around to checking out your blog. I have followed you so I can see what you're up to. I loved your post about Jan Brett! I definitely think your students will enjoy seeing the hedgehog. What an interesting way to get them engaged before showing her to them.

    Take care,


  4. How cute! I want one! Have you read The Happy Hedgehog by Marcus Pfister?


    Using My Teacher Voice

  5. I LOVE Jan Brett! We did an author study over her Christmas books before the break and we started her winter books today with The Mitten! I love the hedgehog! I bet your class is going to LOVE it!!! I know mine would! How sweet of your friend to let you "borrow"!

  6. I have never read The Happy Hedgehog - but it is the first thing I am going to check out tomorrow morning! I can't wait to for my kids to see her either. She was so cute today!