Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snowetry - Writing Cinquain Poems!

I home today with my Grant - he was a little under the weather.   It was a relaxing day.   He actually snuggled with me all day,  which very rarely happens.   It was sweet.

Yesterday, we worked on Snowetry - cinquain poems from my Snow  unit.   They turned out so cute!

They had a great time making these.   We also found a great to help create cinquain poems for beginners. -
We also spent some time organizing our books in the classroom.  ( I have to say that I am totally jealous of all the super organized classroom pictures I see on everyone else's blog.   My desk looks like a bomb hit it 90% of the time and I have obviously not taught my class how to keep our books organized well,  because we have to reorganize OFTEN.)  So we had a classroom discussion about organizing and divided books out by category.   I gave the kids index cards and asked them to label the books.   This was a pile of Steven Kellogg books. I LOVE how they labeled them (and am pretty impressed at their spelling~!).
Hope your week is full of fun and funny moments!


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