Thursday, January 10, 2013

(Hedge)Hog Wild and Alexander Graham Bell and the iPhone 5!

My kids love Eve the Hedgehog.   They love her WAY more than she loves them at this point,   but she is coming around.   She is getting used to having her bowel movements reported across the classroom, and each bite of food she eats monitored and applauded.   Today she took a trip in my teammate Jill's hamster ball.   She pooped 4 times in there.  Each time was VERY exciting for my class.   She seemed to like the ball okay,  but we took her out after the pooping,  didn't want her to get poop in the prickles (crap in the quills?).

We watched a couple of videos about how to draw a hedgehog by Jan Brett - .   If you have never been to - you are missing out.   My class BEGS to go to the site when they have free time.   My kids followed along and drew some VERY cute hedgehogs.   They were proud as little peacocks about them and they were all shouting out about what they would name their hedgie.  A couple kids chose Sonic,  Mr. Prickles,  Spike, Makayla, etc.   Then one of my babies shouts out that her hedgehog is named Prick.   She even wrote it across her paper.  So innocent and sweet. None of my kids thought this was funny at all.   This is why I LOVE second grade.   Of course,  my immature butt was over in Jill's room giggling about it as soon as the day was over...

Here are some of their cutie patootie drawings.

In other news,  we are talking about inventors and their inventions and how those change and evolve over time to fit our current needs.   We have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell and his contributions to our society.   We did the phones through time sort that I posted yesterday.   Today I asked them to write on Edmodo about what they thought Alexander would have thought of the iPhone.   They started talking,  a lot,  the way they do.   But OH MY GOODNESS.  They came up with things like he would have been jealous because it is better than his own invention,  and he would be "fansinated" by it,  and... (insert drumroll)... he would have been so proud that someone else had perseverance like him to keep making it better and he would buy one. HELLO!   I.LOVE.MY.JOB. 
Happy Friday Friends!
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  1. I LOVE you hedgehogs! We are doing "The Mitten" right now! This might be a fun activity to do tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!


  2. It is so fun! I hope you get a chance to do it!

  3. We did get a chance to do it! I blogged about it today! Check it out here

    Thanks so much for the idea! Have a great week!


  4. That's awesome! Great vocabulary!! We just wrote our new unit today on revolutionaries of the past and present. It seems similar to your inventor unit. Should be interesting to try out!