Friday, January 4, 2013

Freckle Juice!

I am a kid of the 70's.  I love Judy Blume.  The only books I even really remember from childhood are Judy Blume books.   Every girl of my generation read Are You There God, It's Me Margaret over and over.   Iggy's House,  Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing, Superfudge,  Deenie (I seriously worried about having scoliosis for years after reading that book).... the list goes on and on.   I can't imagine my childhood without Judy Blume books and I have made sure they are part of my own children's library as well. 

I love to share these books with my class as well,  on an age appropriate level - and my very favorite for second grade is Freckle Juice. It makes a PERFECT first novel.  Poor Andrew,  so jealous of all of Nicky's freckles,  so easily taken advantage of by that little biotch  stinker Sharon.  Jealousy is something we all deal with from the time we are old enough to say, "mine",  so this little tale is a natural for making text to self connections. 

I break out Freckle Juice after Christmas break.  I usually spend about two weeks on this story.   I have 11 or 12 copies, so enough to work in partners.   I love to listen to all the discussions that go with this story.   I have created what I think is a really great packet to go along with this story.   It includes ideas for text to self connections, making inferences,   chapter quizzes, a craftivity, a website author study activity and much more.  I found six different versions of cover art that have been used on this book over the last 35 years and made a voting and graphing activity to go with them.   One of my favorite activities is the Sign of the Times page.   It is obvious this book was written in the 70's, there are many clues... like the way the kids are dressed, the .10 allowance,  mom's hair style etc.   This activity has the kids searching the book to look for clues.  I hope that you will give this beginner novel study a look!
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  1. I remember Judy Blume books. In elementary school, I remember reading Beverly Cleary books with Ramona stories. Freckle Juice looks like a great unit! I'm your newest follower!