Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Linky!

So I decided to join this linky,  and I, like always, am a day behind - but I am going to write about Downtime because Fitness... well I don't want to write about it today.   It seems it is always the focus of my resolutions and well... a place I have failed the past several years,  so I am hoping focusing on something else helps with the fitness goals instead of the other way around.  Does that make any sense?  

Downtime is not something I am all that familiar with.   I am not completely sure if my life is more busy at school or more busy at home with my four kids.   After school is often more chaotic than classtime.  My two older boys are in baseball - which has ALREADY started for the spring.   Their schedules pretty much have us somewhere different EVERY day (including Saturday and Sunday).   Grant keeps busy with Miracle League,  and he is just a LOT of work (plus never sleeps), and Edy is two - so into everything all the time.   Sometimes our life is so crazy, I forget to stop and enjoy the blessings right in front of me.   Max is a TEENAGER now and that has hit me like a ton of bricks.   He is growing up so fast,  and I want to enjoy every minute with him,  because before we know it, he will be off to college (already can cry about that).

So this year,  I want to leave school earlier,  spend more afternoons in the park,  playing with my kids in the sunshine.   I want to spend more time reading with them,  more time playing with my little girl in her dollhouse.... more time listening to what my big boys are interested in.  More time being goofy,  volunteering at church etc.

We want to spend more time taking small trips with the kids.  We are hoping to surprise the kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend sometime this winter.   We have only been there once, but it was so much fun.   We are also planning a trip out to California this summer to visit my brother and go to see the new Cars Park at Disneyland.  We have never been there,  so we are so excited about that. 
I want to spend more time hanging out with my sweet husband, Jay.   More date nights, and more time with just the two of us.   Life gets so busy,  sometimes it seems I don't even know what is going on with him,  we are so busy driving the kids around, making meals,  cleaning, with homework etc.   I want to make sure I take time to focus on him. This is a picture of us from 1992! LOL!
 Him being goofy this year.
So mainly,  I want to spend more of my downtime doing planned activities and fun things with the people I love the most, instead of just getting things done.   I would also like to spend more time cooking things we really like instead of picking food up or eating what is fast and easy. 
I would also like to spend some time doing some of the hundreds of things I have pinned on pinterest - even if they suck,  I want to try!  God help us all!
Happy New Year Loves!

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