Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 in 12

So today was 12/12/12.   I had some things planned to do today to celebrate this momentous date.   Did I do them?  Not one stinkin' one.  I completely got to school and forgot about it even being 12/12/12.  I mean it,  I never thought about it once until I got home and looked at facebook.   This kind of thing has been happening to me kind of a lot -which might be alarming if I actually had time to think about it.

Today was library day.   Thank the Lord.  I love library day. My kids LOVE library day.  Our librarian rocks and doesn't care if we stay,  so I got a few things done.   We are having a door decorating contest at school,  which I might have very enthusiastically insisted on.... and now I have run out of steam and just want to skip it,  but I will not.   My whole class is working on it,  which sounds fun,  but it's really, really not.   I have 2000 paper candies (some tiny and some HUGE) on my back table.... it's freaking awful awesome.  It will eventually be a Gingerbread Baby house (each of my teammies is doing a different Gingerbread story),  probably some time after the Christmas break...

I found this super cute Linky Party - so I decided to join in. 

12 favorite things of 2012!

12. Favorite movie you watched: Pitch Perfect.   I loved this movie,  like I went to the movies twice to see it, and I will be buying it next week when it comes out.   Just made me smile.  I love movies like that.
11. Favorite TV series:  I love Grey's Anatomy, I never miss it.   But lately I have LOVED New Girl.  I laugh until I get sick.  It is really kind of silly,  but I love it so much.
10. Favorite restaurant:  Probably Cheesecake Factory or Best Thai.  We don't go out that much with four kids.  
9. Favorite new thing you tried: Selling things on TpT.   I really enjoy making things.   I wish I had more time to do it.
8. Favorite gift you got: Spa Day at Woodhouse Day Spa.  It was the perfect day... PERFECT.
7. Favorite thing you pinned:The recipe for Christmas Crack.   It has come in very handy.  Everyone likes it, and it has become my new "go to" recipe to bring to events I have to bring things to.
6. Favorite blog post:  I have not been blogging for very long so,  I don't have that many to choose from- probably the This Makes Me So Sad post.   I was intrigued that it brought a few teacher haters. But I liked writing the Teacher Reality Show one the best. 
5. Best accomplishment of the year: Happy kids,  my own and my kids at school. 
4. Favorite picture: Okay,  I could NOT choose just one.  So I am posting 3.   The first one is my grandma celebrating her 90th birthday.   She is not really drinking this,  but she thought this picture would be hilarious! She loves taking crazy pictures.    She went gambling for her 90th birthday.  I love her so much. 
 The next picture is my amazing son Grant carrying the torch at his first Special Olympics in May.   He makes us so proud.  My fabulous friend Kim took this picture, because Jay and I were literally WEEPING in the stands.
And this one is Grant giving his sister a kiss on the front porch.   He loves her so much and she thinks he hung the moon.   I hope they are always this close.   Our two oldest sons have always been close,  so having a little sibling has been so awesome for Grant.  One of the scariest things about raising a special needs kiddo is wondering what will happen when we are gone.  We are so blessed to know that Grant will have 3 amazing siblings.
3. Favorite memory of 2012: Hmmmm... this one is hard.   Probably Grant carrying the torch, or our summer vacation to Michigan, or our day at Cedar Point with our two oldest boys... we have had a really good year!
2. Goal for 2013:  My classroom goal is to start focusing on Project Based Learning.   The idea is so exciting for me (yes, I am a total geek),   but hard to put into practice with a gazillion tests and grades to get in!   My personal goals are to be a more patient mom, and lose a lot of weight... like four babies worth. But I am getting too old to keep putting it off.  So that. 
1. One Little Word: LOVE.   I want to give love, show love and be love.   When people look in my eyes I want them to see Jesus in my heart.  I know,  it sounds cheesy,  but that is what I want. 
Happy 12/12/12!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog Heidi! Loved reading your 12 in 12. That "Christmas Crack" recipe is one of my favorites!

  2. How cute is your grandma? I love that picture! Your little guy is so cute!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to check it out!

    The Hive