Sunday, December 9, 2012

Changing seats tomorrow!

Break is so close,  and things are getting so LOUD.   I don't mind a loud classroom as long as it is productive noise,  but right now... it is not so productive.  So tomorrow is seat change day.   Any great arrangement ideas???  What is your favorite seating arrangement?

What is the noise level usually like in your room?  I have always been comfortable with some organized chaos,  and talking.  This year is my first year in a digital classroom.   Each of my students has their own netbook computer to use all day.   It rocks.   We are able to do SOOO much and my kids are taking so much ownership of their own learning.   But,  I sort of assumed it would be a quieter room. I sort of envisioned them sitting with headphones learning silently.   I was SOOO WRONG.  It seems so much louder this year.   They find something interesting and start telling everyone! "Look at this picture!", "I found her house", "Check out".  Which is .... well great... right?   It is just sometimes hard to get used to.   They really do get so pumped up about what we are learning.   Last week we were talking about Amelia Earhart.  I gave them the task of googling her,  and blogging 3 or 4 interesting facts about her.   Next thing I know,  they are (intelligently) debating whether or not she really died in a crash,  or if she ran away.   Then I had a group over on our world map rug pointing out where they think she would have crashed (mapping out her route and where she was last heard from) and another group is shouting out that even if she didn't crash,  by now she would be almost a hundred years old (they did the math!),  so she is probably dead either way.  It was Ahhh-mazing to watch.  But SO LOUD.   I guess I still have some of my own school day expectations in me.   So how loud is okay?   What is your opinion on this???  I think I worry about what others think too much too.   We have closed rooms - we don't disturb others.  But I worry about all the observations.   I need to just get over it.   But still.... I worry.  Am I alone in this??

Tomorrow we are starting the amazing Catch Me If You Can gingerbread unit by Linda Kamp.   I am so excited to get started.  I feel like it is going to be loud.   Hoping I can just embrace the chaos! 

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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