Thursday, November 29, 2012

You know those really perfect school days? When everything goes just right?

Well, today was NOT one of them. Today I felt so congested and icky I felt like I was teaching underwater. BUT... we did get a lot done. We are working on my Stone Soup Unit and my students are LOVING every second of it. Tomorrow we are making soup and I think they might explode from the excitement - which is kind of funny, because soup is sort of the opposite of exciting, but when you are in second grade,  everything has the potential for excitement, which is why I love it.   Here are some pictures of what we have been working on.   You can pick up my Stone Soup unit here -

My class really is the sweetest group of kiddos ever.   We received bean bag chairs from a Donors Choose grant this week and it was like Christmas had come early.   They were so excited!   They were also super excited when I had to run around, throwing them in the air while chasing a scorpion that was running underneath them this morning. - LOL!   But it all comes with the territory... right? 

When I got home this bit of awesomeness was waiting for me!  I ordered this from an incredibly talented (and funny) former classmate of mine.  She is a high school art teacher and a clay artist!  I LOVE it so much!  If you would like one you need to check out her facebook page right here... .  
Happy, Happy Friday Friends!

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