Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CogAT, and Vomit and Lice - Oh My!

Today was kind of hilarious.  It was one thing after another all day.  We are doing CoGat testing this week,  which is a weird test.  It is given to help identify strengths and weaknesses in students.  It takes a long time,  the questions are different than almost anything else students see, and second graders are not big fans of the thing (nor their teachers).   We were supposed to start the testing at 8:15.  I was happy all my kids were present...things were looking good.

As we were about to start passing out test booklets,  we get a phone call that we need to go down for picture retakes, now.  About half my class needed retakes because their pictures were lost.  So we waited.  As we were waiting,  one little one started barfing on the floor.  A LOT.  She would not get up and try to get to the trash can,  she was devastated.  She started bawling.  LOUDLY.  The others all started to gag and wretch.  I finally convinced her to go see the nurse and called the custodian.  The kids who had their retakes returned back to the room and all gagged and wretched.   The custodian came down,  WITH THE GIANT RIDING carpet cleaner.   We had to move our spread out desks.  We all watched as he cleaned the carpet.  We finally started the test at 9:15.  

As we were taking the test,  I noticed head scratching.  OMWord.  Head scratching drives me over the edge.  FOR REAL.  So I sent my friend to the nurse.  The nurse came back to come get the child's bags sans itchy child.  NOT a false alarm.  Oh my.  So I have been scratching my head all day.  Our nurse is precious to me because she understands how crazy I am about this.  Crazy with a capital K.  I obsess about it.  She doesn't judge me (that I know of),  she just checks my head. AGAIN. I love her.

We finally finished the test and I thanked the Lord (over and over again) that it was library day!  After library and lunch and recess...  we performed Word Surgery!  It was the PERFECT activity for the afternoon.   The kids were so happy to do something kind of goofy and fun,  but they really seemed to "get it"!  So hooray!  Go pick up my Contraction Hospital packet on TpT if you want some easy to use premade pages to go with this.  Their final projects were adorable!

Here's hoping tomorrow is less gross!  Just a day in the life of a teacher!


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