Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Thankful...

Look at me posting twice in one day - joining two linky parties.   I hope I am doing it right - LOL!  I loved this idea so much, because it is something I have meaning to get to and just haven't.   I haven't even joined in the Facebook Thankful fun this year,  so this gives me a chance in one post! 

I am thankful for my husband Jay.   He is amazing.   We been together 20 years... HOLY COW - 20 YEARS.   I met him at a fraternity party when I was 19.   That was it.   I knew the moment I met him, he was the one.   We were will be married 14 years on the 21st.  Twenty years and four kids later - he is still my best friend.  I am a lucky, lucky girl!

I am thankful for our four beautiful and completely different children.   Our oldest Max is our serious and sensitive and witty one.   He has always been easy.   When we just had him we were convinced we were parenting geniuses.   We really thought we had it together and then God gave us our second son, Alex.   He was our needy one.   He has always been high strung. He worries about everything.   But he is our sweetheart, our lovebug.  He is is super creative and loves everyone.  Our third son came into the world 2 months early and turned our world upside down.    He had such a bumpy and scary start.   I almost lost my mind his first two years.   Nothing has ever come easy for him,  but his spirit is amazing.   He is a special needs kiddo and has changed our views on the world.   I am so very thankful that God has entrusted him to us and allowed us to be his parents.    Our final baby was a GIRL.   She was the surprise of a lifetime.   Eden is spunky and girly and everything I dreamed a little girl ever would be.   She completes our family in such a beautiful way.

I am thankful my awesome brother sent me a plane ticket to join him and my cousins and dad in celebrating my grandmother's 90 BIRTHDAY this weekend.   She is a firecracker and wants us to take her to the casino for her birthday.   I am thankful for just the fact that I could make that statement.   My grandma is a mother of four just like me.   I am so blessed to have her in my life.  

I am thankful I have the extreme priviledge of being a teacher.   I love my job,   even after all these years.   In fact,  I think I love it much more than when I started.    I love that teachers blog now, and share ideas in ways that I could not have even imagined at the beginning of my career.   It is so inspiring and fun to take a peek into other teachers classrooms.  

Blessings to all of you!


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