Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sight Word Linky Loo!


I have never done this before,  so I am just going to do what I think I am supposed to do... if I am doing it wrong,  please someone let me know!

So here is my Sight Word idea.   It is very, very simple,  but tried and true and I love it.   We play Word Wall Wordo about once a week.  I printed these boards onto cardstock and laminated.  I pass them out and let students fill in the blanks using dry erase markers.   They just choose 9 or 16 words off the wordwall ( I teach second now so I use 16 most of the time,  but in first grade I usually used the 9 square).   I then call out words and they cross them out as they get them.   They call out WORDO when they get a straight line.   They win OFTEN,  so I pass out stickers or something small and then they erase their entire board and start over,  so they are writing and recognizing their words many times without really thinking about it.   The more words you have on the word wall,  the harder the game gets.   The kids beg to play it and I get some extra sight work practice in without a fight!  WIN -WIN!

Here are the boards... click on them and get them free on TpT.  Happy Tuesday!

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