Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RIP Sneaky Snail, Our Cities and a Writing Freebie!

Well,  our sneaky little snail finally stayed out too long.  Rest in Peace little buddy. 

In other news, we have pretty much completed our milk carton communities.   We have built them up from a few farm houses to a thriving metroplexes.   The kids added some really fantastic things their cities - my favorite was Cavenders Boot City.   Seriously!  Can you tell we live in Texas?  My teammates had some incredible little cities in their classrooms as well. In fact, they put their community to shame. But we had a great time.  The very best part of this?  They GET IT!  I mean really get it.   They explain the progression of our city  to everyone who comes into the room.  It has been a great point of discussion during conferences.

Today we did a little writing activity that we had SO MUCH FUN with!  We wrote about what we would do in the city and what we would do in the country.  We combined our study of communities with our study of adjectives.   I took their pictures and printed them in black and white.   The kiddos cut out a cowboy hat and a beret and dressed themselves up for a day in each.  The kids did an excellent job writing and it was clear that they understood what they could do in each community.  I included the sheets we used.  It is not fancy,  not all cute and put together but it was fun!  I included the writing rubric we used to go with it.  Go pick it up!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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