Saturday, September 28, 2013

Totally Worth Every Minute! PBL

So I have been a mess,  a big super messy mess.   I have been a ball of nerves,  frustrated, excited, angry, confused... you name it,  I have probably experienced it.   Our first project based unit was so much more intense than I thought it would be,  than I imagined it COULD be.   Trying to let the kids discover while knowing what the test required they know... trying to balance it all,  trying to get the kids even logged into the computers on a daily basis... it has been a lot.   BUT let me tell you,  every single second,  every single emotion and tear has been worth it.

My kids took a bus over to city hall, wearing their finest clothes (they discussed this and chose to wear their finest...their word - so stinking cute!) on Friday and presented their projects to the mayor,  the chief of police,  several police officers,  fire fighters,  city officals and members of city council.   The mayors office set up the town council meeting room for us,  and brought in so many people to watch their presentation.   They made them feel SO IMPORTANT.   As my babies watched their Power Points and videos on the big screen,  I teared up watching their faces.   They were so proud and so excited.   It was amazing. 

Afterward,  our city's police captain,  who just so happens to be the mama of one of my babies this year,  treated us to a full tour of city hall,  and the police and fire annex.   We got to see the jail and check out the cells and the crazy floor toilet in the padded cell.   We saw the wardrobe available to you when arrested (and agreed that they would all look TERRIBLE in it).   We met the police dog, Leo, and got to give him some love.   We toured the sleeping quarters,  kitchen, living room and weight rooms of the officers and firefighters.   We even took a tour through the library and checked out all the resources available to us!   My kids were so thrilled!

I am working on putting our unit into a presentable format to post.   It ws so much fun and my kids learned so much more than they ever have doing this unit in a traditional way!



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  1. What was the problem they were solving?

    1. We were doing Project based, so we didn't have problem but a guiding question. Our question was How can we as second graders, show others how good citizens are like super heroes for our town?