Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kind of Nervous...PBL Project One Finale - at City Hall!

Our first PBL project took about 1000x longer than we planned!   My partner teacher and I started the very first week of school.   Our project was to define what good citizenship is and compare it to the traits of a a super hero.   We had the mayor of our town come in and explain to the kids that he needed their help to create good citizens in our town.   It was super cute and the kids LOVED it.   He asked them to come and present at city hall when they were finished, which was unexpected and a super fun surprise.   Things seemed PERFECT.

But then reality hit.  My project partner is our bilingual teacher and she got word that her class was too big and being divided,  so we decided to put it off for a week so that the kids who were in the new class did not feel like that had started a project they were not finishing.   We divided the class,  which is never super smooth,  and then thought that we would finally be on the road... but then 84,000 computer issues hit.   Like "hey this thing doesn't even turn on", computer problems.   And then testing came,   and then some more testing.   And then we realized how long we really spent last year teaching the kids to make Power Points and use Edmodo, and you know... JUST LOG IN (we now have individual log in codes and passwords for every child whereas we have always had a generic school log in - HUGE transition)... so it took FOR-EVVVVVVer,  but we are finally ready (and now have a whole new understanding of what it takes to get a project started at the very beginning of the school year). 

Tomorrow,  our very excited little friends are taking their precious projects to city hall and presenting their best to the mayor,  some city council members and city staff.   I am super excited for them,  and nervous too.  I wish I could post their projects - they are phenomenal.   Two groups made Power Point presentations,  one group chose to embed images they found on line and the other group acted out different scenes of that they think a good citizen is.   One is so cute - there is a picture of one of my boys pretending to hit a girl on the head with a book.   The slide text is "Good citizens do not hit people with their books".  Amen to that.  

One group made an amazing 3d poster - with photos they found on line and took of themselves.   The other two groups made videos.   One group even wrote a beginning and ending song to their video.  So cute!   It has been a beating,  but honestly,  it was worth it.  Really, really worth it!
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