Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday!

Linking up with the lovely ladies at Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Friday fun!

We did a LOT this week, so much I am having a hard time remembering all of it...but here is some of our randomness!

We celebrated freedom week this week in several ways,  but my favorite was acting out the Preamble to the Constitution.

I have a tiny class so I divided them into 2 groups of 7 and gave each child or pair of kids a line from the preamble and had them use the internet and the book We the Kids,  to figure out what their line meant.   They worked together to come up with gestures to go along with their phrase and acted it out for the other group!  It honestly was so sweet,  I teared up.

We also did a great webquest where the kids found answers to constitution questions using several websites.   The first day I tried using it as it was written,  but my kids had a LOT of trouble trying to type in all those websites.   I found it was easier to give them all the links in Edmodo and have them click on them there.   (I used to disguise my kids pictures,  they don't really dress like this guy -LOL).

We are using the math program Investigations this year for the first time,  so we are learning a lot of fun new math games.   The kids are loving this!  It is taking me a little time to be comfortable with so little direct instruction,  but I am definitely warming up!
We are studying the states and properties of matter now,  so we brought in Matter Man!  Love this silly easy lesson so much!

If you would like the papers that go with this unit you can find them on TPT right here.  Or just leave me a message with an email address and I will send you a copy!
I am a huge fan of WBT or Whole Brain Teaching... and my very favorite component is The Genius Ladder.   If you don't know about this I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this site..   It is amazing.   Everything on the site is free,  it is seriously genius stuff.  I don't follow it to the letter but I love Power Pics,  Genius Ladder, gestures, and oh my,  Class - Yes has changed my LIFE!   Here is a picture of our genuis ladder one day this week.   My kids BEG to do this!  BEG to write and identify parts of speech people!  You start with a BLAH sentence,  then make it "Spicy" by adding adjectives,  extend it by adding a prepositional phrase or other details to the predicate, then use it as a starter to  GENIUS paragraph.  

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  1. I love reading about your matter project. I would love a copy of your activities so that I can try the experiment. My kiddos will be excited for this one.

    Thanks and take care