Sunday, September 8, 2013

Holy Lamination Batman - but I love these!

I don't know about you,  but constantly writing all my objectives on the board with the correct standard verbage is a real thorn in my side.  I understand it,  I do,   I think it is a good idea,  but I write big, especially with an expo marker,  and I could really use up the WHOLE board.   So I found these - made by Dixie at Teachin' Little Texans and knew I had to have them!  They are the TEKS because I work in Texas and we have our own standards... which is another thorn in my side,  but I digress.

I am not going to lie... they took a lot of ink, and a LOT of lamination (and cutting and magnets), I guess I could have also just printed them in black and white and printed them on different colored paper, but I love the colors and I am so happy with the end result!  They are full of chevron-y cuteness (she also sells them in other designs), and now I can just flap them up against my board and be done!  Amen!   And I can use them as long as I am teaching second grade in Texas.   She even made sure all the math TEKS were updated (which must have been a pain since so many of them have changed!).   Love them! 

What do you do to make objective writing easier?


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  1. Yes, as I'm updating products with TEKS and CCSS Alignment...I'm realizing there are a ton more TEKS than Common Core standards and they are MUCH more specific!!!


  2. Yes! That absolutely are! It is crazy!

  3. Ugh. Thorn in my side, too, girl. I hope I'm not jinxing us, but we are not required to post our TEKS in our classrooms. These cards are awesomeness, though. :)

    Teach On.