Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday! - and two flash freebies!

I love the idea of this cute link up!   I have been blogging less than a year and don't have that many blog posts that I love,  but this one reminds me of starting up again in the fall and all we go through -and how we are kind of rock stars to make it through August and September of each year!

I have been thinking about this a lot today. I have thought of it before as well, but after all the teacher bashing I read the other day (see post below), I think it is time. I am hoping to get NBC, ABC or Oprah or someone on board. People need to know how tough you really need to be a teacher. I have even thought through some of the immunity challenges.
  • Holding your pee for as long as possible
  • Eating an entire lunch in 4 minutes
  • Fixing the copy machine in the 3 minutes before the bell rings
  • Answering the same question 80 times in 20 minutes, without sounding frustrated
  • Figuring which paper belongs to which kid in the pile of nameless multi-choice quizzes
  • Deciphering a paragraph written by a 1st grade, mirror writer
  • Race to find the gluestick with the missing cap
  • Answering the phone about a bus change, answering a parent email and teaching someone how to regroup concurrently
  • Accurately distributing all the jackets left on the fence after recess
  • Figure out who is flushing pencils down the toilet
  • Finish an acronym quiz - IEP, ADD, OHI, RTI, SST, my team came up 161 of them during one staff meeting!
There are a million of them! What would you add??

I think the contestants should start out as most new teachers do - empty room, some textbooks (not full class sets), perhaps a box of pens and a stapler... and some furniture. Provide a class of kids -anywhere from 22 to 35 kids of varying ability levels. First test, second week of school - GO!

First elimination challenge - Meet the Teacher Night (make sure those bare walls are adorably covered!) - answer all questions, memorize each child's name, allergies, likes and dislikes, and take notes as half of the parents tell you that there is too much homework and half the parents tell you that their child needs EXTRA homework everyday, and that they were hoping to get teacher x, and cried when they found out they would be having THE NEW TEACHER - all while smiling!

Next elimination challenge - first day of school, help all students find their desks, sort 4500 forms being sent in, put away supplies, stop the crying (the students, and yours), keep the students busy, engaged and happy, move new desks into the room for students being enrolled throughout the day, establish an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, comfort and fun. Keep up the the transportation changes throughout the day and then....(start praying) MAKE SURE EVERYONE GETS HOME ON THE RIGHT BUS, RIGHT CAR OR DAYCARE VAN.

I could go on forever, open house, conferences, emails, parties, PTA meetings, concerts, FIELD trips.... contestants should be in this for a full school year.

Grand prize - $38,000 - the national average, beginning teacher salary!

Do you think anyone would sign up???

If it takes off, the spin off could be "Desk Hoarders" - a whole show about finding unfinished work (and so much more!) in student desks.

You have to LOVE this job to do it! I am so glad I do!

Hope your day was full of finished work!

I am giving away two of my new classroom packs until midnight tonight!  Each one is over 100 pages of fun classroom decor and premade forms to make the beginning of the year a little easier!

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  1. I love your owls! So super cute...I am a bit owl obsessed. I am kind of a newbie blogger myself but I loved throwback made me laugh out loud. It's so true!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  2. You literally had me laughing OUT LOUD!! How true?? Do you think anyone would actually sign up? Nah, they'd rather pretend we "have it easy". That's hilarous -thanks for the laugh (and way too much truth) today :)

    I am so excited to be your newest follower! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. You are right - people love to pretend we have it easy! Thank you!

  3. This had me laughing so hard! I completely support your idea! $38,000??? HA! I still have a few years to go before I reach that! But on a diff note your decor packs are super cute!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade