Monday, June 10, 2013

Loving my mailman today....

well.... that sounds kind of dirty.   Not literally - that would be a completely different kind of post -com-pleeeeet-ly - the man is like 115!  But,  I am loving what he keeps leaving on the porch.   It might even be the mailman and the UPS man working together - but they are making happy, happy, happy!   A few weeks ago I found this fabulous pledge on a bloggers site (I forgot whose it was,  I am so sorry - so if it was you, please jump aboard and take credit!).  I loved it so I copied it and created a poster to go with it to match my room for next year.   I am going to be using 's cute owls all over my room next year so I made this to match by sending it off to VistaPrint.   The resolution is not perfect but from any distance away you can not tell at all... I love it!
(in case you are wondering,  those are pieces of Loving Family Dollhouse furniture on the corners,  I know I am sort of shocked that people don't ask me to a photographer because of my excellent staging- snort).
If you would like your own copy,  I added it to TpT as a freebie.
You can find it here .
I also made these little products to go with it.   I think I will be using the Sunny Stripes so as to not get to matchy, matchy!  You can find these on TpT as well.   Each alphabet set is only $1.00 and each set of word wall letters and numbers to 100 is $2.00.  You can find them here.



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