Friday, June 14, 2013

Five For Friday - Second Friday of Summer!

Last Friday was our first Friday of summer and crickets could be heard on my blog.   I had nothin' left.  I was dealing with kidney stones,  my abnormally emotional reaction to saying good bye to this class of kids and pure EXHAUSTION.   I spent the first weekend of summer sleeping as much as a mother of 4 can.  I fell asleep watching tv with my kids,  I fell asleep the minute my husband was able to "take over".  My in-laws took our kids Sunday and Monday and I seriously slept the whole time.   The hubs and I rented a movie and I fell asleep.  I think he was worried I had mono.   It was bad.

But after a  few days,   I am settling in.   I have actually already had 2 inservice days this week - but also LOTS of pool hours,  fun time with my littles, reading time and sunshine!   I am feeling like a new woman!  So,  I am back for Five For Friday with the Doodlebugs Girls again!  Here is some randomness from my week.

Spending lots of time with my tiny techie.  Using the tablet is second nature to her.  It cracks me up to watch how easily she is able to use this at 2 years old!

I am reading this fabulous book as part of a bloggy book study.  I am loving it!   It is not only making me think about my teaching but my parenting as well.   Definitely worth the read.   Scroll down to read about chapter one. 

Seems that just "believing" I can sew,  doesn't really mean I can - dammit!.  So I am seeking some assistance.   I am planning on taking a class with one of my teammates this summer too!  I am excited about that.   You should see what I made last night.   It started out as a outfit for my daughter,  but ended up as a doll dress because I obviously do not understand following a pattern yet!
The hubs and I are working on the details of our Disneyland trip in August.  We are DRIVING!   I love a roadtrip,  but it really can go either way with our tribe.   We are making a stop at the Grand Canyon,  and stopping in LA to visit my brother and pick him up and to subject him to Disney with our four kids.   I think my dad is planning on coming too!  I am super excited.  I have been to Disneyworld a few times but never Disneyland.   I have never even been to CA (never further west than CO really).   If you have any fabulous Disney tips,  please let us know.   I have read  and heard  so many great things about Disney and special needs kids,  so I am hoping we have the best vacation EVER!
And my little Minnie fanatic is potty training so a trip to Target to buy these is on our agenda today! 
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  1. Yikes! I am glad you are feeling better! I have had kidney stones before and they are so painful! I hope your trip to Disney is amazing!
    3 Teacher Chicks

  2. I saw your comment on "Top Dog Teaching" blog. If you are looking for Second grade teachers in Texas, I am one.