Monday, June 10, 2013

Look what was waiting for me on my porch today!

My new Erin Condren planner!
Even the package was pretty!


Cutie cute wrapping...
And my new baby!   I love it!   It is BIG and full of everything I need!   I am so excited to actually have a real planner again!  I am a techie girl,  but sometimes it is easier to just write it all down in one place!

I love the little extras - gift tags that are personalized from me!
A zippy pocket in the back to keep all those little things I constantly lose - like receipts!  Erin even threw a couple $10 off coupons in there!
Class list, checklists - all ready to fill up with my new babies names!
Cutie cute quotes throughout the whole book!
Stickers to remember important things.
I am in love and I know that is nerdy,  but today I am just embracing my inner nerd and owning it!    I am so glad I bought this thing!
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