Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mourning the End of Spring Break...and Fairy Tales~!

I woke up this morning feeling .... blahhh!   Today is the last day of our spring break and let me tell you I needed spring break like never before.    I was so sick before the break and so tired and so sick of being so sick and tired.    It has been a really relaxing break.   We haven't done a lot of big things but it has had some really sweet moments.   I have had time to catch up with a couple of amazing friends that I have missed like crazy.   I have had hours of time just to watch my kids have fun at the park,  I went to go see The Great and Powerful Oz movie with my son Alex, and have just had time to chill and enjoy the blessings in my life - my family.

But tomorrow is back to reality.   I am a little excited because I get to tell my class that we had our latest Donors Choose project fully funded!   I am so geeked about this one.   It is art and writing supplies.   New markers, colored pencils,  paints, paint brushes, glitter, wavy scissors, bright construction paper, writing paper, and containers to hold it all!    Honestly,   I can't tell you how much I love new school supplies,  but I suspect if you are a teacher,  you feel the same way.   I LOVE Donors Choose so much!

Today, I finally, FINALLY, FINALLY completed my Fairy Tales unit.   I have been working on this for what seems like EVAH!   But,  I finished it and I LOVE it.   This is the first time I have ever gone through and listed all the common core objectives for a unit - so that took me a long time.   You see,  I live in Texas.   Rick Perry does not believe that we are part of the rest of the country,  so we do not use Common Core.  We have our own standards.   It makes me CRAAAAAZY!   It makes no sense.   I know it must have to do with money - but I hate it for me,  for my kids and for the kids I teach.   Our objectives are very similar - it's just that instead of 10 objectives for literature for second grade - we have like 68.   Makes me want to move.   But I will stop my tangent (because I could go on and HAVE gone on for hours about this) and show you a preview of my new baby!   Please go check it out on TpT
or on Teachers Notebook.


I love this unit because it can be used with any fairy tale.   I have included pages to go with many of the most popular tales,  but the story elements pages were created to go with ANY fairy tale.   It is full of pages that can be graded for reading comprehension,  language arts and writing.  It even has two quizzes - a vocabulary quiz and a fairy tale elements quiz.    I am really proud of it!
I hope that all of you coming off of spring break had a great week and those of you heading into it have an amazing break as well! 

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  1. As much money as I spend in my classroom, I should really learn how Donors Choose works!