Friday, March 22, 2013

Glue, Tiaras, and Five for Friday!

I am linking up tonight with  for Five for Friday fun.   The whole point is to share 5 random photos from your week, which is PERFECT for me this week, because the best way to describe this week is random!  It was actually a really fun week - which I was not expecting coming off of spring break.  ( I will not confirm nor deny that there were actual tears coming from my eyes last Sunday night at the prospect of going back.)
My first bit of randomness was the sweetest bit.   One of my kids came in and brought me a gift.   She very ceremoniously handed me this bottle of Elmer's glue.    She explained that it was the favorite glue of the BEST teachers (raising her eyebrows) so she thought I would like it.   BEST GIFT EVER!
Monday morning an amazing thing happened - our math specialist came to the door and handed me (and everyone else on my team) a big old box of Versa-tiles.  We each received ten sets of tiles and the entire second grade set of books.  When does THAT happen?  Seriously,  when have you ever just received a bunch of materials that you did not have to beg for?  It doesn't happen much in my world,  but I loved it and my kids loved it.   I am beginning to think that our new math curriculum director person (I am unsure of her real title) for our district might be the true Bomb Diggity - like capital letters,  proper noun,  true Bomb Diggity.   And,  as if that were not enough,  I also received a giant tub of books to use for ELA.  I honestly don't even know where that came from,  but you won't hear me complaining (or admitting I know where it is if it was delivered to me by mistake -shhhh!).
Yesterday we had a little Christmas in March event when our very fun Donors Choose project materials arrived - ART SUPPLIES! Our funding was completed last week and they already arrived.   I let the kids break into the packages and they went wild.   We have new glitter,  glitter glue, glitter paint (okay,  I admit I might have glitter problem), wavy cut scissors, paint, paintbrushes, colored pencils, thin tip markers, organizers and super fun colored construction paper that is thick and holds a fold!   Not really sure who was more excited....
 We finally finished my fabulous fairy tale unit.   It was so much fun,  it started with a field trip to see Rapunzel,  A Very Hairy Fairy Tale in Fort Worth.   I am actually sad it is over.   I love a good fairy tale and I love all the conversations that we had about them.   My kids were very vocal about what a dummy they felt Rapunzel's husband was.  It was hilarious.  I feel very certain my students know without a shadow of a doubt what makes up a fairy tale.   Next week we move on to chapter books - Freckle Juice is first!   I am excited about that too.   I really do love my job.
My last picture is a tiara.  I love tiaras.   I wish they would catch on as an everyday fashion trend.  But that is not why I am posting it.   This weekend several of my friends from work and I are taking our rocking trivia team on the road (okay it is really like 10 minutes from here).  Our team needed a theme and we went with Teachers In Tiaras.   Yep....  the TIT's.   So wish us luck as we try to earn some respect in the trivia world.  LOL! 
Happy Weekend Peeps!

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  1. Funny! I love the name of your team! Good luck!

  2. Love your team name! I think teachers have the best sense of humor because we hang out with kids all day! Good Luck!


  3. Your fairy tale unit looks like it was fun. I am always sad to see good units end!


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