Sunday, November 3, 2013

This, this, THIS!

We watched this in a faculty meeting and I can't stop thinking about it!   I believe in the message of this video this with all my heart!  What can we as teachers do to make THIS type of education a reality - where students are respected as individuals,  where creativity is honored,  where students are not expected to simply get from point a to point f by Friday to answer test questions correctly?  I am at the point in my career where if things don't begin to change,  I am ready to bail.   I DO NOT want to bail. I LOVE BEING A TEACHER,   I just hate being a TESTER.    I want to teach kids to be thinkers, dreamers,  global activists!   How do we go about this?  How do we unite?  Anyone with me?
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  1. Wow Heidi! This video is so powerful! It really challenges my mind and heart! I will be sharing this with other teachers in my building. I believe in this with all my heart as well. I feel like our schools are so driven by data, standardized testing, and making the mark set by the state. It really scares me to think about what this is doing to our kids. Now that I have a daughter, it makes me even more passionate because today's education system in our country will be influencing her in just a few years. How do we start change? What is it going to take? I think that we should start looking at other countries and really take a look at what they are doing...we need a huge reform!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners