Saturday, November 2, 2013

Freaky Cool Website - Code Writing for Kids!

Today I attended a TCEA conference (techy stuff).   It was great,  and I learned a lot but my favorite part was learning about this really cool website-

Kids can join this site and write their own games!  SERIOUSLY AWESOME.   It was really tricky for me,  as I have never done anything like this.   The "game"  I created was primitive to say the least,  but I was still amazed by it!   And as I was playing,  I was thinking about EXACTLY which of my kids would love it.   I cannot wait to set them free on this.   It has so many possibilities.   Students have to program EVERY SINGLE movement their characters (Sprites) make,  so they have to be very specific,  which directly relates to process writing,  to sequencing,  equations.... I am so excited!  So I wanted to share!   I honestly don't know that much about it,  but I am completely confident my little Einsteins will have some amazing games by the end of the week!    Give it a look!

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