Friday, November 1, 2013

Popcorn for Patriots!

We were so proud of our second graders this week.   They made over $750 to give to the Wounded Warrior Project for Veterans Day by selling popcorn to the students at our school!   We only have about 630 students so at a $1 a bag,  we went way over the total number of students we actually have!    We have an amazing man and veteran coming in to talk to our students and pick up the donations on November 12th.  Our kids are so excited about it!

Along with our donations,  we will be creating poems and letters for the soldiers using my Veterans Day set on TPT.   We will be hitting both ELA and Social Studies objectives at the same time - BONUS!  (I have improved and changed this file,  so if you purchased it in the past,  please be sure to redownload it!)

How do you celebrate Veterans with your students?

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