The Woman Behind the Words

Hey y'all!   I am Heidi, wife,  mother of four kids (3 boys and one girl),  second grade teacher, believer and near crazy woman who rarely knows if she is coming or going.  I am a Texas teacher,  which means I do not do Common Core.   Our lil' ol' Governor thinks we should have our own system,  which I vehemently disagree with,  but he NEVER asks me.    Go figure!  So rude!

I have been stalking blogs for ages and wanted to be part of the fun so I started my own little space on the web in October 2012.   I love,  love, love all of the ideas I get from roaming around, stalking.    I am not new to this little rodeo called teaching,  but Pinterest,  teaching blogs and TpT have made me love my job more than ever!   I wish it would have been around when I got started.   BTW,  when I got started,  I did NOT have a single computer in my room.  Not even for me!   Now my second graders have one to one computers, plus a bunch of extra technology.    I am in love with that fact!  

When I am not momming, teaching, stalking blogs, or creating stuff,  I am usually swearing too much,  and laughing hard.   A sense of humor is one of my favorite qualities in a person and my friends are all pretty hilarious people!   

So glad you have decided to stop my little home on the web!  I hope you will find something that you can use and will come back often!

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