Sunday, July 5, 2015

Do You Know Rosie Revere, Engineer?

Do you know Rosie Revere?

She is the Great-Great-Niece of Rosie the Riveter.   Her greatest dream is to become a great engineer.   She creates out of things she finds in the trash.   But she hides it all each night because she is afraid of being laughed out.   It had happened before...

But she receives a visit from a very special relative and everything changes.   This book is INCREDIBLE.    Rosie is likable and fun and is a fabulous example of perseverance.   She learns that mistakes are part of the process and helps students to see that too.  I am planning to use this book to set the tone for our next school year.   

I wrote a week long book study/STEM unit on the book and would love to have a few readers to help me make sure it is free of mistakes and give me advice on what needs to be changed or improved.   If you would be willing to proof read this,  I would be happy to send it to you as is, and then again in final form.


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  1. I will read it over for you. :)