Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Socks Have Sprouted....

I have to admit,  this is the first time I have ever heard this statement - but it was 100% true!  We are having a blast with my plant unit.    I always love the plant unit - but this year is extra awesome because we are doing it as a PBL.   Loving it.  We have plants growing everywhere.

We launched the unit by dissecting flowers.

Our socks are sprouting, as part of an experiment.    We put some old (CLEAN) socks over our shoes and went around into the field behind our school and stomped around.

Then we took them off and looked at what was on them.   SEEDS!(and grass a just a couple ants).   

We cut out the part of the socks that were covered with seeds and grass and buried the pieces in soil.   

A few days later we had SPROUTS!

I am anxious what we will see tomorrow!

We also experimented to see what stems do...

You can see what we are doing this week in this packet.

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  1. Heidi!
    I love the sock idea!!! It is super cute and so creative - all you, of course!
    Have fun,