Friday, March 28, 2014

Are you a phone photo hoarder too? You NEED this!

I use my iPhone to take pictures,   hundreds and hundreds of pictures.  I post some on Facebook and post some here and message a few to people,   but mostly I just hoard them in my phone.   Then I get a message that my storage is limited and I have to go through the painful process of erasing pictures.   Not fun.   

I am not a great photographer,  but I like have pictures of everyday moments - all the little moments that make up a day, a school year, a life.   Most of my pictures are of my own family (I have a lot of kids) but I make sure to take a lot of classroom pictures too - both for instructional and emotional reasons.    My kids love it but I wasn't that great about printing them because ink and photo paper is so expensive.

But then...I learned about Groovebook on the show Shark Tank one night. It is the coolest app I have on my phone now.     The couple that developed it was trying to get some backing for their product - little photo books they are able to print and ship for $2.99 a piece.   They own a printing company and developed a binding method that allows them to ship very inexpensively.   I don't even remember what happened on the show,  but I went to the app store and added Groovebook that night and I am in LOVE.

You have to sign up for a subscription - which is $2.99 a month.   Then you simply upload up to 100 photos a month into the app and a few weeks later you get a cute little book full of your pictures.   They are printed on pretty thin paper - so not the heirloom quality, but definitely good enough for scrapbooking or the things we use them for in class.  They are perforated and dated above the perforation so you can tear them out or just store them something I love for scrapbooking,  because they all stay organized and dated until you are ready to use them.    The first book is your monthly $2.99,  but you can order as many books as you want a month and they all cost $2.99 - exactly $2.99, - no hidden fees, no taxes, no shipping!!!
I have been ordering a book of my family and one of my class each month for the last couple months.  You don't get to pick your own covers,  but they are different each month (and cute!).   

I post my class photos up around the room and plan to let my kids create second grade scrapbooks at the end of the year.   

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  1. I remember watching this episode on shark tank. I think they did get a deal. This small little books look awesome. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!!!