Friday, December 13, 2013

Personal Laminating Machine for $13.99 Woo-hoo! AMAZON today only!

I am constantly waiting for a representative from from Amazon to come and present me with an award for being their best customer!   I buy EVERYTHING from them - I swear if they offered a grocery shopping option I would be the first to sign up!  But today's deal thrilled me to the core!  They have Swingline Personal Laminating machines for $13.99 (73% off)!  And the laminating pouches are $9.98 for 100 (80% off)!   Holy cow!   I scored one for me,  one for our daycare provider,  and a spare.   So excited.   It is under their Today's Deal heading and is only valid today - so if you have been thinking of getting one - go grab this deal!
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