Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Four of my Winter Favorites - ON SALE!

I have put my four favorite winter products on sale through Friday!
My favorite Christmas book ever (besides the Bible) is probably Auntie Claus,  so I made this little unit out of love.   My class LOVES this unit,   It is full of fun reading and language arts materials.  It has a cute little snowglobe craftivity that my kids LOVE!  Glitter city!   It is a great unit for that last week before break when everything is wonky.   It can be done in pieces or as a whole.  If you don't know this book,  go check it out!

I have my SNOW unit planned for the week after Christmas.   It is a fiction and non fiction unit based on four great snow books.    I love Snowflake Bentley so much I threw his book in there.   My kids are always fascinated by him and we always compare his character to other great people we study in social studies.   He showed great perseverance and passion and left his mark on the world.   I love this unit because it can be broken up as needed and used in different ways with different kids.   My students have LOVED the snowflake symmetry activity as well!  The unit has a lot of fun activities for comparing and contrasting and a lot of POETRY!

One of my biggest products is Hot Chocolate, Mittens and Snowmen, Oh My!   There is so much in this,  it is perfect have around as a "just in case" unit,  in case you ever need a sub.   It is full of reading and language activities.   It can be used in small groups,  in whole groups, as homework,  you name it!   

And finally I have The Mitten Unit.   The unit compares and contrasts two versions of this famous folktale.   Kids love this story and I love that these two versions have so many similarities and so many differences.   

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