Sunday, October 13, 2013

Project Based Learning Project 2

To say that PBL is not going as smoothly as I anticipated, is the understatement of the year.    The actual lessons and units we have planned are not the problem,  but finding TIME to do them in a schedule that leaves no room,  and the resources to do them is the real issue.   ALL of our projects rely heavily on technology and that has been a true issue with us this year.  We have a class set of iPads to check out in the library,  but we are experiencing about every issue we can with them.   We have not laid a hand on them yet this year.   They have no wifi connection,  we are unable to download apps... yada, yada, yada.   That was a real issue with this last launch.   Students used a set of clues (created by my teaching partner Mariel - they are adorable) to find a QR code, and answer questions about landmarks - Amazing Race style.   We struggled mightily to find enough devices for students to use with QR readers.   We both used our phones,  our personal iPad and tablet and students personal devices.   It all worked out,  the kids had a great day and they only answered my phone once LOL!

They learned what a landmark was and this week will work in dual language groups to create a bilingual presentation (book, pamplet, Power Point etc.) to explain what landmarks are important in our town.   (It is a small town, so it will not be a huge project). 

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