Saturday, October 19, 2013

Any Texas Second Grade Teachers Out There?

We are getting ready to start our Texas study in social studies and within this unit is the TEK about Irma Rangel.   I honestly had NO IDEA who Irma Rangel was a couple of years ago.   In fact,  almost no one I know,  including my mother in law (a native Texan,  self proclaimed history buff), knew who she was.   There is also almost NO information written for kids about her.   But,  there she is,  right there in as a TEK - and not a "such as" either - a full on "including" TEK.   So I worked this summer on a packet about her,   which took me a very long time... because there is not an abundance of interesting information on her and I wanted to share it here,  in case, like me,  you are struggling with how to teacher about her.   The packet is not huge,  but contains several activities that can be graded,  both in social studies and language arts (love to double dip),   and includes some fun introduction to poetry ideas.

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  1. Oh thank you!!! I always struggle when it comes to her. This is definitely wishlisted for when we start our Texas unit in a few weeks.