Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Super Fun App!

Summer is so close.  My kids are so ready.   I am so ready.   So things are getting a little wonky.   The volume is UP!   Attention spans are tanking.  So it is time to pull out some seriously engaging stuff to keep us floating to the finish line.

Enter - ChatterPix.   Do you know this app?   It is seriously the easiest app to use EVER.   It's free.   You can download it on any Apple device.  It's fun and motivating in a serious way.  

You kids can take a picture of ANYONE (or anyTHING for the matter) and create a talking biography or report.   They literally just have to save the picture to the camera roll,  upload it to the app,  use their finger to draw a little dotted line across the mouth of the picture (or where a mouth could be), and press the microphone icon and speak.   My kiddos seriously went crazy for it.   They wrote biographies about a famous person and then read it into the app.   Even my kids who hate writing or struggle,  had a very easy and fun time with this. 

One of my kids made a ChatterPix video of our town mayor.  I sent it to him and he loved it so much that he put it on his website.  She was so thrilled!   

Give it a try if your things are getting a little dicey in your room as well.   You can also do an app smash up with ChatterPix and Aurasma.   You can upload the video you create into Aurasma and then link it to a photo or drawing of the person and create a talking biography gallery!   The kids can use iPads or other devices to walk around and focus the app on the photo or drawing and see it come to life! So fun!

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