Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Visit from Loof Lirpa

Today was the beginning of STAAR testing for the big kids at our school,  so we had a lot of extra time on our hands today (no specials,  no lunch break),  so we made the best of it!   

I printed out copies of the Loof Lirpa "newspaper" article I wrote. (free and editable here - 

The kids were so excited!  Mariel (my teammate),  and I passed out carrots to all the kids and we practiced our Loof Lirpa calls.   Mariel and I could not make eye contact without laughing.    We immediately had one kiddo suspicious... but we played it off.   

We walked out into the yard and went on a wild bird search.

It was awesome!  They were so funny... 

A few of them started to mention they thought this might be similar to the "Tree Octopus" story (I use this when teaching digital citizenship, I will share more later), and some caught the author's name.   But several kids had definite sightings of the Loof Lirpa.    

We went in and wrote cinquain poems about this special bird.


Then I shared mine...

A few of my kids were bothered the bird wasn't named the Sloof Lirpa because they wanted it to say April Fools... but all in all it was super fun!
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